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Energy Efficient California Manufactured HUD) & Modular (CA-FBH) Homes

Posted by: admin | Posted on: October 19th, 2011 | 0 Comments

According to SolarBuzz.Com, the largest market for solar photovoltaic installations is, by far an away, California. By 2014, it is estimated that solar photovoltaic installations will be ten times the figures posted in 2009 and the growth rate per year thereafter is expected to be 30.00%. Given our present economy, this is an incredible figure. What’s even more interesting is that the vast majority of these installations will be on existing homes. Our question is why more home builders and manufacturers have not made the leap in to installing photovoltaic and solar thermal systems as options when buying a new California manufactured home or a new site built home in California?

If the growth rate by 2014 is projected to be 30% per year, then it clearly indicates a strong demand in California. Given the demand, it makes sense for manufacturers to incorporate solar systems as options for new homeowners, especially if the home is factory built. Building a home in a factory from start to finish is widely known to decrease overall construction costs and these savings, especially in the manufactured home industry, are passed on to consumers. So why don’t more manufactured home builders add solar systems as options? The answer, unfortunately, is quite simple.

Incorporating solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems as regular options for manufactured home buyers isn’t exactly an easy feat to pull off. You need engineers, capable of designing solar systems, to incorporate their designs in to existing and/or new home pans. These engineers need to work with design teams to insure the installation meets the esthetic demands of the design team. Manufactured home companies then must decide on a price-point for these options that consumers will find valuable and find means of installing these systems affordably. This is a process of incorporating energy efficiency options in factory built homes requires capital investment, research and development that can take years before a profit is ever realized. This is the main reason why many home builders, factory or site built, cannot incorporate energy efficiency options in their product lines.

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