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California Manufactured (HUD) & Modular (CA-FBH) Homes: A Wise Choice

Posted by: admin | Posted on: February 27th, 2015 | 0 Comments

Peruse the new homes available on the marketplace and what you will recognize quickly is that new home builders are not selling their homes for severely discounted rates like homes in the foreclosure, short sale and REO marketplaces. Why? It is because many of these re-sales were once homes that were in foreclosure and, as such, they are almost all, at minimum, cosmetic fixer-uppers and, at worst, require significant investment to make them livable again.

New home builders offer reasonable prices comparatively, however, you’ll notice that, for the price, brand new site built homes are far more expensive than their factory built counterparts. Once you compare the features, benefits and upgrades available in factory built homes versus site built homes, you’ll quickly see that the wise decision is to opt for a Manufactured (HUD) or Modular (CA-FBH) home in California right now.

New home developments often feature a small hand full of models and, these models are extremely limited in their ability to be customized. For example, in a new site built home, it’s impossible to get a major developer to move walls around, increase the square footage of the kitchen or add a wrap around porch to the home. In essence, with a site built home, what you see is what you get except for flooring options and options in the kitchen like tile, granite or other kinds of counter tops.

Factory built homes are inherently customizable, especially with Hallmark-Southwest. Our design team can take custom orders from clients and turn them in to truly one of a kind homes. In addition, Hallmark features upgrades that most large, site built developers simply don’t offer like our energy efficiency and Net-Zero options that can supply the home with all it’s electrical needs based on average occupant usage. With a Hallmark home, you’re able to redesign interior layouts, redesign kitchen size, add almost any conceivable interior upgrades and include cutting edge green home options that most builders cannot match. Best of all, out homes are far less expensive than site built homes with equal or greater craftsmanship.

Anyone in the market for a new home should consider available features, build quality, energy efficiency and the level of customization available. We’re confident that in a side-by-side comparison, you’ll choose a Hallmark-Southwest home built right here in California.

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