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Elegance and Efficiency in Modern Manufactured (HUD) & Modular (CA-FBH) Housing

Posted by: admin | Posted on: April 5th, 2015 | 0 Comments

Modern manufactured and pre-fab homes are still gaining in popularity regardless of the economic conditions. High end home buyers place far more emphasis on features in a home than your average consumer because they can afford it. Features that many high end buyers gravitate towards include energy efficiency systems, sustainable building materials and customizations to the floor plan.

All of these features are available in modern manufactured and pre-fab homes but not all designers are built the same. Most designers place emphasis on design primarily and their infrastructure for scalable manufacturing is limited. In turn, consumers pay extraordinarily high prices for custom features including solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

Hallmark-Southwest is unique among high end manufactured and pre-fab home builders because we maintain the infrastructure sufficient for scalable manufacturing. Our homes are completely customizable and the company has spent more than many other manufacturing companies on the development of smart home systems. Our newest project, a home built for Our Lady of the Desert Monastery, features solar photovoltaic and solar systems and smart home technology that monitors environmental conditions throughout the home and in each individual living space. This new home was built with extreme environmental conditions in mind as the Monastery is located in Gobernador, New Mexico, known for extreme winds, extreme heat and extreme cold.

Elegance and efficiency in modern manufactured housing is available from a wide range of manufacturing companies, but Hallmark-Southwest has made the process of customization and adding energy efficient systems easy to integrate and less expensive than other companies that place more emphasis on design than on construction.

You can learn more about our energy efficient systems by downloading our free Net-Zero Energy Efficiency guide at: The free guide discusses in detail most of our new energy efficiency options in detail so you can see for yourself exactly what the Hallmark-Southwest difference is.

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