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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Manufactured (HUD) or Modular (CA-FBH) Home from Hallmark Southwest

Posted by: admin | Posted on: April 5th, 2015 | 0 Comments

Many people know now that manufactured and prefab homes are just as good, if not built to higher standards than site built homes. In addition, the average consumer interested in manufactured homes also understands that these homes are highly customizable and feature high end options, sometimes a wider range of options than can be found in new, site-built developments. But why buy a manufactured or prefab home from Hallmark-Southwest? Here are the top five reasons.

#1 Energy Efficiency. Hallmark Southwest has spent a great deal of time and money to develop energy efficiency options that home buyers can not only afford, but will produce a real return on investment. One of the greatest aspects of Hallmark Southwest is our long term manufacturing experience, a total of 39 years. Over this time, we have come to be known for the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry and now, we are quickly becoming recognized as leaders in energy efficiency. Our clients benefit from the investments in green technology we have developed. A recent article of ours describes the painstaking efforts we placed in building an exceedingly energy efficient guest home for a Monastery in New Mexico.

#2 Customization. Hallmark Southwest builds completely customized homes for our clients. One example recently is a home for a client in Norther California that is used as a hunting cabin. The floors, according to our management staff, “…are so durable, you could land a helicopter on it!” The exterior wrap around porch is an excellent feature as well as the mud room built custom for the client to remove soiled clothing before entering the home. If you want a truly customized home, built to the highest quality standards, Hallmark Southwest is the manufacturer of choice.

#3 Savings. Compare the features and benefits of a Hallmark Southwest home to a comparable site-built home with the same features and benefits and we are confident you will discover two important things. First, you’ll save a lot more money buying a Hallmark home than a site-built home. Second, you’ll understand our quality of construction exceeds most site-built developers. This means long term satisfaction.

#4 Modern Look and Feel. Hallmark Southwest offers some of the best design options on the planet. When a Hallmark-Southwest home is installed on private land, you really can’t tell the difference between a Hallmark home and a high-end site built home. Our homes can be customized both inside and outside. Want a modern looking metal roof? Done. Want granite throughout the entire home? That’s easy too.

#5 Long Term Benefits. Since Hallmark homes are built to the highest standards in the industry, our home owners rest assured that their investment will stand the test of time. Our most recent build, a guest home for Our Lady of the Desert Monastery, was designed specifically to withstand extremely high winds and extreme fluctuations of temperature all the while delivering exceedingly energy efficiency.

There’s a lot of different manufactured and prefab home builders in America to choose from. We believe that when a consumer does an apples-to-apples comparison, talks to owners of Hallmark Southwest homes and compares our homes to site-built homes, Hallmark will be the obvious choice.

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