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California Manufactured Homes: Resources for Home Buyers

Posted by: Luca Brammer | Posted on: April 25th, 2011 | 1 Comments

There are a wealth of resources for buyers of California manufactured homes online. This article is designed to help consumers think through the entire process of buying a manufactured home in California from start to finish. As such, this article will cover how people search for manufactured homes online and the ups and downs of doing so. In addition, this article will cover important resources online, specifically, government websites and resources for energy efficient living as well.

How do most people start their search for manufactured homes? The answer is: online. But when you type in a search query like “california manufactured home” in google, yahoo, or Bing (formerly MSN), you will get a mixed bag of results as it is a very competitive marketplace online these days. In this mixed bag of results you will get manufactured home builders, manufactured home retailers and builders and retailers that may not even provide services in California. So how do you know how to make critical decisions? Here’s a simple plan:

First Step. Distinguish between builders and retailers online. Builders only sell their products and will most obviously provide only positive information about their products and services (as is expected). Moreover, many builders themselves may not sell directly to the public. Many builders work with independent retailers that sell one or more manufactured home product lines. Retailers may sell one or more lines of homes from manufactured home builders. They may favor one line of product over another merely for financial incentives they derive from the sales of those products so it’s important to do a careful comparison of standard featured and benefits of various homes if you intend to visit a retailer you meet online.

To make a very well informed comparison, it might be useful to have checklists for both manufactured home builder and manufactured home retailer visits. Hallmark Southwest offers these completely free of charge on our guide to manufactured homes. You can download the free guide here: Manufactured Home Guide.

Second Step. Once you’ve found both builders and retailers online you think are favorable, draft a list of question to ask them all. Determine what company seems to offer the best standard features. Compare products and pricing before you go out in to the real world. Once you meet a builder or retailer yourself, ask them those questions and compare your findings with what you are told.

Third Step. Before making any decisions, check out the resources available online. Here’s a good list of resources in California to help you make a critical decision:

California Department of Housing and Community Development; Information on Manufactured Home Construction and Sales:

State of California Manufactured Home Code Matrix:

Listing of HUD Offices by State:

Manufactured Housing Institute:

How to Buy a Manufactured Home by The Federal Trade Commission:

California Department of Water Resources: Construction, Alteration and Destruction of Wells:

Features and Benefits of Energy Star Homes:

U.S. Green Building Council:

California Advanced Homes Program:

Solar Homes Partnership:

Database of State Tax Incentives for Solar Energy:

Using this list of links in conjunction with our free manufactured home buyers guide will help you make educated decisions about one of your most important purchases in life.

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