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Free Manufactured Home Buyers Guide

Posted by: Luca Brammer | Posted on: April 25th, 2011 | 1 Comments

Hallmark Southwest is proud to announce our new guide on manufactured homes: A Reference Guide to Your New Manufactured Home from Start to Finish. The goal of the free manufactured home guide is to help consumers make critical decisions throughout the manufactured home buying process.

You may download the guide for free here: Manufactured Home Buyers Guide

In total, the guide covers the following important information:

Important Key Terms and Phrases all Manufactured Home Buyers Should Know
Executive Summary of the Manufactured Home Buying Process
Retailer Visit Checklist
Manufactured Home Tour Checklist
Chapter One: What is a Manufactured Home?
Chapter Two: Before you Buy: Thinking Through the Basic Requirements
Chapter Three: Tests, Permits and Site Preparation on Private Land
Chapter Four: New Home Options
Chapter Five: Energy Efficiency and Solar Options
Supplemental Resources

The key terms and phrases section informs consumers not only about standardized phrases, but also new developments in the industry as it pertains to government standards for building and safety, new developments in the world of finance in the post mortgage meltdown world and a wide variety of important keywords and terms in energy efficiency as well.

The executive summary section is like no other we have come across as it reflects the lived experience of the manufactured home buying process. Most of the home buying process summaries we have seen online are published in a very static format, e.g. step one, step two etc. Instead our guide presents the steps in a dynamic format showing how many consumers need to make multiple decisions simultaneously to get the job done right.

Our retailer and manufactured home tour checklists provide buyers with an extensive list of questions to ask both retailers and manufacturers before they make a final decision about any home builder or retailer to make excellent comparisons and choices.

The first chapter that covers the historical definition of manufactured homes goes above and beyond providing the critical differences between many terms that are used interchangeably like mobile home, manufactured home, modular home, prefabricated home, panelized homes and other important terms as well.

If you are looking to plan out the entire process of buying and installing a manufactured home, chapters two and three help consumers navigate through the complicated process. These chapters help consumers decide on important factors like whether they should live in a planned community or on a privately owned lot, whether a park model home may suit their needs and also provides a wealth of resources for understanding the basics of many required manufactured home permits, tests and site preparation requirements.

Chapters Five and Six take the homeowner through the wide variety of new home options available, helping them understand why some options can be installed during the construction process and why others are done on site for the purpose of both efficiency and cost savings. If you are interested in green living and energy efficiency, the guide also provides a wealth of information on solar photovoltaic systems and a description of our exclusive Net-Zero energy efficiency options.

Finally, consumers benefit from a wealth of supplemental resources in the guide giving them access to a database of solar tax incentives by state, government links, energy efficiency links and other consumer oriented material.

If you would like to download the guide completely free of charge, just follow this link: Manufactured Home Buyers Guide

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