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Manufactured Home Options Vs. Site Built Home Options

Posted by: Luca Brammer | Posted on: April 27th, 2011 | 2 Comments

Many people think that a site built developer may offer a wider range of option in a new home compared to new home options offered by a manufactured home builder. This is far from the case. In fact, manufactured home builders often offer more options than your typical new home developer for a number of reasons you are about to discover.

Developers of site built homes typically work with a local design firm that they subcontract out the process of ordering many options through. Flooring, upgraded fixtures and sometimes even landscaping is part of the function of the local design firm’s function in the process of development. However, new home buyers are often restricted to using this particular design firm alone. Buyers in most residential developments can’t just go to home depot or to order the flooring they want and have it shipped to site and installed. This is a significant limitation forced on a consumer when buying what is most likely their largest purchase in life. It makes sense that when buying a home, a home owner should be offered the maximum flexibility possible.

Contrary to popular opinion, manufactured home builders, in coordination with qualified retailers, offer the flexibility that home buyers ought to have when buying a home. There are two main reasons why buying from a manufacturer through a retailer can offer a greater range of home options.

First, manufactured home builders often maintain their own inventory of options just like a site built home developer in terms of flooring, fixtures, lighting and other upgrades. Buyers can select from any of these options or they can incorporate custom options when working with a qualified retailer. Retailers are not limited to use a company designated design firm if you do not particularly like the options offered by the manufacturer. Retailers can assist you locate the exact flooring options you desire and have them installed during the home installation process after the home leaves the factory. You may incorporate green landscaping from local landscape architects through the retailer or purchase other upgrades from wherever you can imagine and have them installed in the process of your home installation. SO when you walk in to your new home after installation is complete, you can literally walk in to a factory built home that is far more custom than a nearby tract home using a design firm. It may sound counter intuitive but it is true that working with a qualified retailer that cooperates well with the manufacturer can result in a very unique design.

The second reason why factory built homes offer more unique options is that many manufacturers focus on offering energy efficiency options better than site built home builders. It is true that any site built developer these days offers Energy Star(tm) appliances as an option, but do they offer energy efficient, sustainable building materials as an option? Do they offer solar photovoltaic systems as an option? The fact is, manufactured home builders typically offer energy efficiency options much more frequently than site built home builders do.

The days of manufactured homes and their prefabricated and modular counterparts being considered inferior to site built homes is quickly coming to an end. When consumers look online for green homes, energy efficient homes and the like, they are more often seeing factory built homes now.