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Manufactured Home Code Changes in the Wake of the Floods

Posted by: admin | Posted on: June 14th, 2011 | 0 Comments

After the Mississippi Valley floods, new rules could mean that manufactured home options for homeowners looking to replace their manufactured homes may be limited for safety’s sake. In the wake of what’s being called the “flood of the century,” there are new rules for owners of manufactured homes in the form of code changes, specifically in flood prone areas of the South.

This comes after new codes for manufactured homes in specific areas of the South went into effect last August, months before the flooding took place. The changes could keep many of those wanting to relocate from moving back into those flood prone areas – which means saying goodbye to the land they previously lived on.

One example that stands out is in Tennessee, one of several states in the Mississippi Valley affected by the worst floods to hit the central United States in more than 80 years. In August 2010, Shelby County, TN changed its code requiring the floors of manufactured homes be at least one foot above the 100 year floodplain. In some manufactured home developments affected by the flood devastation, the units were approximately 6 to 8 feet below the floodplain. Residents and builders received letters from code enforcement last week, which indicated that new manufactured housing units would have to be raised substantially.

Why are we talking about it today? Because if you aim to build a new manufactured home, whether on your own land or a park property, it’s important to investigate the code requirements in your county. Whether or not you live in a flood prone area, it’s a manufactured home owner’s responsibility to be aware of local housing codes – just as it would be in a stick built home.

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