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Books on Manufactured Homes

Posted by: admin | Posted on: June 20th, 2011 | 0 Comments

You can get lots of information on manufactured homes right here; but if you’re the type of prospective buyer who appreciates manuals and books, there are plenty of books on manufactured homes out there. A few of the most popular are summarized here:

The Grissim Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes and Land

Written by a fairly recent convert to manufactured housing, this book covers topics such as the pros and cons of manufactured homes, worst case scenarios for buyers, and site preparation/installation. There’s even an inspection checklist for your convenience. This book covers essentially everything, from shopping for land, to manufactured home plans, to warranty strategies.

The Manual for Manufactured Home Repair and Upgrade

Written by an experienced contractor, this has been called the only book of its type, as the repair and upgrade techniques described in this manual are specific to manufactured homes. It answers countless questions that apply to most manufactured home plans, including those on floor and belly repair, siding/wall/windows, roof and ceilings, plumbing, and exterior.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes and Land

Written by the same author of the Grissim guide, this is a comprehensive guide to manufactured homes and purchasing land or leasing a home site. It includes the Top 25 manufacturers rated, many helpful charts and diagrams, and 66 illustrations to help communicate the information.

Books on manufactured homes are few, but this handful of titles should serve interested buyers well. To continue obtaining information on manufactured homes, stay plugged into our blog or contact Hallmark Southwest today.

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