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Weather Safety Tips for Manufactured Homes

Posted by: admin | Posted on: June 27th, 2011 | 0 Comments

In light of recent national weather events that destroyed homes and property, some families may benefit from weather safety tips for manufactured homes. Wind safety is important to learn in light of serious tornado damage to many communities. High winds can hit unexpectedly and destroy entire communities of modular homes, manufactured homes and pre-fab homes, even if the homes are not in a direct storm path.

In California and parts of the Southwest, summer thunderstorms can cause damage just as devastating as the tornadoes of the East Coast. With that in mind, follow these weather tips for manufactured homes:

Pay attention: Listen to weather forecasts on the radio and television, specifically listening for weather WATCH and WARNING announcements. Note the regions (cities, counties, etc.) thought to be the most at risk.

Know when to leave: Do not try to “ride out” a hurricane, tornado or severe storm in any of these structures, even if the structure is tied down or “seems” protected. Evacuate the home early into the storm.

Prepare your home and family: Prior to any storm, be sure your home is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and all applicable state regulations (if you’re a Hallmark Southwest customer, we can assure you that your home is). Beyond that, make a plan with your family that covers where you will go to stay safe. Gather supplies you will need to act on your plan, including a several days’ supply of food and water.

Stay tuned for more weather safety tips for manufactured homes next week!

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