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California Manufactured Homes: Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Posted by: admin | Posted on: July 19th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Buying homes in California is big business. Major site built developers make billions from the site built home industry. However, many of these same developers that earn billions of dollars in profit are way behind the energy efficiency ball when it comes to giving people solid energy efficient design. This is odd, given the fact that the California climate varies so much and energy efficient design could greatly reduce the overall cost of buying and owning a home in California.

There are climates in the state that are exceedingly hot almost year round, e.g. Palm Desert/Palm Springs and the Inland Empire. Moreover, there are areas where it is exceedingly cold almost year round. You would think major developers would see the fluctuation in climate and the energy demands these climate variations impose as a reason to offer energy efficient homes.

Compared to their site built counterparts, manufactured home builders offer the flexibility and energy efficiency to meet energy efficiency demands quite easily, especially in a state like California. Buying a California manufactured home for energy efficiency makes a great deal of sense. Companies like Hallmark Southwest are able to offer customized energy efficiency packages that will meet the unique needs of consumers in almost any climate. And with a state larger than most countries with a wide variation of climate types, it makes sense to buy a manufactured home in California if you really want the savings an energy efficient home brings.

Perhaps the major site built developers will catch on one day that energy efficiency is what many consumers want because they appreciate anything that will reduce their overall cost of ownership and features that benefit the environment. Maybe they won’t. The point is, however, that if you want an exceedingly energy efficient home in California, you should take a serious look at the craftsman quality, manufactured home options available on the market today.

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