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Major Differences Between Site Built Homes and Manufactured Homes

Posted by: admin | Posted on: July 20th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Most consumers may feel that site built homes outpace manufactured homes in terms of features and benefits. Perhaps this belief exists because hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars are spent annually on convincing consumers that they should buy site built homes and that manufactured homes are inferior products. This article presents a counter argument we feel that site built developers will be unable to explain away easily.

Many people that desire to buy a new home from a site built developer want custom options, features and benefits. However, these same consumers are met with only a handful of customizations they can choose from. Most of these are variations in the external appearance of the home, referred to as “elevations.” Other than changes in elevation, site built home models are almost identical from lot to lot. As far as interior options go, if you’re buying from a developer new, you’re relegated to the flooring options, lighting, fixture and other internal options that mega-builder design centers force you to use. Then it comes to lot selection. There aren’t many options. Once a new phase is opened for sale to the public, there may only be a few options open to chose from on a specific elevation.

The reason why manufactured homes offer a wider range of features and benefits is that consumers are not constrained when selecting manufactured homes and lots. Buyers of new manufactured homes can choose to purchase a lot in a planned community if they desire to do so. They can lease a lot if it seems financially a better decision than purchasing a lot. In addition, consumers can buy their own private lot in town near all services or far away from the hustle and bustle.

As far as interior and exterior options are concerned, manufactured home builders have site-built developers beat hands down when it comes to delivering customizations the homeowner desires. For example, a site built developer may give a buyer the option of a den in lieu of a bedroom in a specific model, but they aren’t going to move major walls, redesign kitchen layouts or give you an entirely unique home design. It just can’t be done affordable for site built developers. Manufactured home builders can do all of this and far more.

In addition to being able to make major changes to design, manufactured home developers can offer a wider variety of energy efficiency options than most site built developers. Your manufactured home retailer can help coordinate landscaping in both your back and front yards and help you acquire interior options that are as unique as you can imagine because they are not constrained to use a corporately sponsored design centers. All-in-all, manufactured home builders can give consumers a far more unique living environment than site built developers.

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