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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Manufactured, Modular or Prefab Home

Posted by: admin | Posted on: July 22nd, 2011 | 0 Comments

While most people find buying a site built home is preferable, there are a number of people buying new manufactured, modular and prefab homes. What’s the reason? Often times you get more for your money, you can customize the home more and they are exceedingly energy efficient. Here’s a brief list of the top five reasons why you should consider a manufactured, modular or prefab home.

#1 Value. More often than not, you can have a lot more home for the money when buying a manufactured, modular or prefab home. They typically cost less to produce, meaning, your dollar will go a lot further in terms of acquiring a home with the greatest amount of square feet possible and interior and exterior upgrades.

#2 Efficient Construction. Manufactured, modular and prefab construction is fast and efficient. How often have you heard of friends, family or associates complaining that a general contractor quoting X amount of time to build a home but actually came in late on the final project? Time delays cost money and since the factory build process is controlled and efficient, the likelihood of additional expenses is limited.

#3 Quality of Construction. Many manufactured home builders exceed the building standards of many site built developers. In fact, Hallmark Southwest not only exceeds regulatory and industry standards, but also exceeds most site built standards in even the most affordable homes Hallmark offers. Manufactured, modular and prefab builders must remain competitive and offer superior products to stay competitive with their site built counterparts.

#4 Energy Efficiency. Most site built homes are not engineered, planned or designed to incorporate solar photovoltaic or solar thermal systems. Many manufactured, modular and prefab homes have energy efficiency in mind from the drawing table. Almost all of the competitive manufactured, modular and prefab homebuilders offer some access to energy efficiency options. Hallmark Southwest provides every buyer with a Net-Zero energy efficiency option that can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% and provide the electrical needs of the homeowners based on average consumption rates.

#5 A Unique Home. Customization is far easier with a manufactured, modular or prefab company. If you walk on to a major site built developers lot, you’ll find a few models and floorplans available with different elevations. However, these site built developers will not move walls or make significant changes to design. This is not only possible with manufactured, modular and prefab homes but quite regular.

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