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Manufactured Homes: A Superior Coastal Living Option

Posted by: admin | Posted on: August 17th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Almost everyone has dreamed of living in a home on the coast. For most, the reality is that coastal living is far out of the mainstream budget. Some people feel that during difficult economic times, such as we are experiencing now, that it’s the best time to buy. And while this is true in a general sense, it may not necessarily be true about coastal living. Properties along the California coastline always rebound faster than inland areas and, in fact, in some of the most exclusive areas and in beachfront locales, sometimes prices don’t fall very much at all.

So, how can people obtain the dream of living in a coastal community and remain in budget? The answer is by living in a planned community along the coast that caters specifically to manufactured homes. Perhaps the though of a coastal, manufactured home conjures up images of low rent areas, but, in fact, there are a number of coastal communities that cater specifically to manufactured home buyers that are gated, secured and feature all of the amenities of large tract home gated communities.

Manufactured homes these days are rarely distinguishable from their site built counterparts as the quality of construction has increased substantially due to consumer demand and from industrial competition to offer manufactured homes that consumers want to live in. Manufactured homes are also far more customizable than many consumers think. Walk in to a tract home development and ask the sales staff if walls can be moved to fit your needs. They’ll look at you like you’re asking questions that don’t fit the context of their business, and they’d be right because tract homes are not unique, they are simply variations on a theme, that variation is typically something site built developers refer to as “elevations” or the exterior facade of the home.

The fact is, gated, planned communities along the coast are far less expensive to live in, in most cases, than buying an existing coastal home. New manufactured home buyers can choose to live in a community that leases land or sells the land to the new home owner. Manufactured homes themselves are typically much less expansive than their site built counterparts so the overall coast of achieving the dream of coastal living can be actually far more affordable than many people think.

If you want to live on the coast and you want the best possible home and pay the least overall price, consider a manufactured home.

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