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Retiring in Orange County

Posted by: admin | Posted on: October 7th, 2011 | 0 Comments

One of the finest areas to retire in is Orange County California. While home values are perhaps at their lowest levels nationwide in the last decade, many retirees looking to buy a new home in the Orange County metropolitan area still have to contend with a $420,000.00 median home price according to DataQuick (Source: DQNews.Com). Is retirement in a new home in Orange County a viable option still? The answer is yes, even for people that want the most home possible for the lowest possible cost.

Manufactured homes are growing in popularity and will continue to play a significant role in retirement options for seniors. In Orange County, there are a large number of gated, planned communities offering clubhouses, excursions and trips as well as social events that only allow manufactured homes to be developed on their grounds. Some of these exclusive communities are in high end locales and others are located near some of the best beaches that Southern California has to offer.

More and more people are turning to manufactured homes as a retirement option, not solely because of cost, but because of the quality of construction, custom options available and the ability to cost effectively retire in desirable areas like Orange County.

The quality of construction in modern manufactured homes is equal to or in some cases superior to site built homes. In addition, modern manufactured home builders have been leading in energy efficiency options that many site built developers don’t even think to consider. For example, Hallmark-Southwest provides solar thermal and solar photovoltaic options for all prospective home owners. Go to the average site built developer and ask them to engineer solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in to a new home in the average development tract and they’ll most likely shake their heads in disbelief that you’re asking the question. Not so with manufactured home builders.

Aside from solar photovoltaic and solar thermal options, manufactured home builders are able to re-arrange the placement of interior walls, build kitchen islands and extend dimensions of interior rooms far more easily than your average site built developer. The fact of the matter is that modern manufactured home builders are far more able to provide their clients with truly custom homes that the average site built new home builder in planned developments.

If you are looking to buy a home and retire in Orange County, the good news is that while the median price in the are may be $420,000.00, you can quite easily afford a similar or higher quality home for half of this figure or less. The moral of the story is that manufactured homes in Orange County are a good consideration for retirees that want it all: new home, custom features and affordable price.

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