Hallmark Modular Home Advantage

Why Factory Built Homes?

Efficiency. Environment. Quality.

Your home undergoes a multi-stage, internal inspection process which is supplemented by 3rd party state inspection verification to ensure that your home not only meets applicable building codes but also exceeds our internal quality control standards. Additional inspections, will be performed by a local on-site inspector who is required to rely on the factory approvals previously granted.

By comparison with a site built home, your general contractor will typically be on-site only intermittently as he/she works other projects concurrently. This partial oversight leaves a tremendous burden for the local building inspector to verify work has been performed properly when a majority of the work performed can no longer be seen in some cases (covered by drywall).

By having the design team, your sales representative, the production team, and your quality control inspector working together closely, you can rest assured that the finished quality of your home will not be marginalized.

Our Attention to Detail

The foundation of your new home is far more than just what the home ultimately rests upon. Hallmark Southwest/HMKPreFabHomes start with a structural frame that is designed for your specific lot and built by craftsman that understand the importance of every nail, beam, strap, weld, and bolt. After you have finalized the layout and features for your new home, our engineering process begins. Before your home is delivered and installed, it will go through structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical verification, and our production personnel’s review process, many of whom have been working with us and building homes since the late 1970s! The structural layout for your floor, ceiling, and wall framing will be designed to work with your site’s specific snow load, wind load, and earthquake zone. Part of your design package will include the design of your foundation so that your home is solidly grounded in its surroundings.