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Homeowner and Dealer Testimonials


Jill Hamblin – Hallmark Southwest Dealer

If you’re on this site CONGRATULATIONS!!

Only after speaking to Installers, Repairmen, Inspectors and Hallmark Homeowners will you ever hear the truth of the high quality home Hallmark builds. Bring your own home design for complete customization or simplify and choose from 100’s of previously built plans. Hallmark is the only manufacturer that provides superior building standards and offers many high efficiency energy saving options. It’s the home of the 21st century. Hallmark is the best kept secret in the industry.

LeRoy West – Hallmark Southwest Dealer

We have been designing and building homes with Hallmark Southwest for over a decade and they are our “go-to” manufacturer for quality and customization. No other manufacturer builds to their quality level and no other manufacturer is willing to take the extra time and attention to design the custom homes our customer’s request. Hallmark’s motto, “The Home of Craftsmanship” is simply a fact.

Judith B., Hallmark Southwest Homeowner

We believe it is simply the best built home that you could purchase. My husband is an engineer and hard to impress. He was completely convinced this was the home for us… and he was RIGHT!

Ron & Susie W., Hallmark Southwest Modular Homeowner

We wanted a great custom designed home. We didn’t want to go through the 12-18 months needed to build on site. We looked into modular construction and found Hallmark. We got HUGE time savings, a wonderful energy efficient and well built home. Our dealer and Hallmark couldn’t have made us any happier! Their slogan is “The Home of Craftsmanship”, we fully believe that!

Phillip & Nancy., Hallmark Southwest Homeowner

Thank you Hallmark! We’ve been living in our new Hallmark home for six months and love it. We visited two plants in So. California and one in the Sacramento area and are so glad we decided to build with Hallmark. Our neighbors give us so many compliments about the custom floor plan we designed and how our home really takes advantage of our great ocean views. Many Thanks!

Ed Torres – Hallmark Southwest Dealer

Quality, service and commitment to our customers are by far the most important aspects of our business, and the team at Hallmark as well as the homes they produce exceed my expectations with every interaction.

Gary, Lance, Marisol, and Luca have all been amazing team to work with starting with the smallest of detail to the overall level of commitment to my homes as well as the customers who purchase and live in them. Highland Homes would not be the success it is today without them!!

Katherine & David Hackett – Hallmark Southwest Dealers

We have been so pleased with the quality level of homes and innovation that Hallmark Southwest Corp. has to offer. They offer the most concise Modular-Factory Built engineering package available in the industry. The workers online are part owners: this is evident in the sense of pride of craftsmanship and work ethics that can be seen when you walk through the factory and is what is delivered to the home site.

Linda H., Hallmark-Southwest Homeowner

We owned a home built by Hallmark in 1984. It was a wonderful home. When our daughter needed a home that she could afford, we sold her our home. There was never any question which builders home we would purchase. Jack & I bought another Hallmark last year and couldn’t be happier.

David & Terri S., Hallmark-Southwest Homeowner

Terri and I live in the Bay Area. We were concerned about service after the sale since Hallmark is located in Southern California. The folks at Hallmark and our dealer explained to us how they work very hard in designing and engineering out potential service issues. We are happy to say that other than a minor cabinet drawer issue that they corrected promptly, we have not had another service item since we bought our home 3 years ago. We are proud to say that we own and love our Hallmark! You will too!