About Hallmark-Southwest

Commitment to Craftsmanship

Background of Innovation in Building Custom Homes

Founded in 1976 by craftsmen from various home building companies; Hallmark Southwest is proudly one of the few privately held employee-owned modular & manufactured housing companies in the country. Hallmark Southwest’s primary area of business is the Southwest United States but we have worked on projects in areas as far away as Alaska. Dissatisfied with existing housing construction, Hallmark-Southwest has focused on the use of new designs, new engineering, and new technology to build homes that excel in quality and craftsmanship.

Focused on High Quality Energy Efficient Homes

Hallmark Southwest Company Information

Today, we continue to make improvements making Hallmark Southwest an industry leader in the design of high quality, energy efficient “modular” CA-FBH Title 24 & “manufactured” HUD Title 25 homes.

We are one of the first custom prefabricated home builders to have acquired the prestigious ENERGY STAR® label and are one of the first manufactured home builder to build a proprietary Near Net-Zero home. Our custom Energy Pride & Near NET Zero energy efficient homes are a great alternative to current site built homes with a focus on proven building principles. Our Energy efficient homes are built with a two pronged approach including reduced energy consumption and renewable energy power generation.

We focus on reduced energy consumption via innovative new technologies, passive solar orientation, efficient interior/exterior space utilization, a tight thermal envelope, improved water efficiency, and locally sourced environmentally conscious building materials. We focus on renewable energy power generation through several solar options.

At Hallmark Southwest Craftsmanship Lives!