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Let's Talk Service!

Home of Craftsmanship!

Let’s Talk Service

Better yet, lets talk why it best to NOT have any to start with!

Every factory that builds homes has service. It’s a fact! What many people think and are told by some uninformed dealers, salepersons, & contractors, is that a factory has to have a BIG Service Department. Bigger is better, right? And many home factories follow that way of thinking!

Some home factories have as many as 4-5 service teams (each earning an average of $78,458 per year). Home factories have to support those service teams with service trucks, service equipment & service training. So, let’s also add another $110-$135,000 per service truck in parts, gasoline, tires, insurance, etc. to support those teams of service techs.

So, lets do some math!

Giving home factories the benefit of the doubt, we’ll assume that a factory has only has 4 service teams and the equipment to support them. That seems fair, right?

Being conservative in our addition, that’s over $750,000 in service that home buyers required that year. That’s $750,000 in what could have been better quality products built into the home, more standard features included in the home, and less of your time spent with factory service techs who are there repairing your home.

We’re not perfect at Hallmark Southwest, but we believe that there can be, and is a better way!

Let’s start with engineering out structural defects and issues from the homes design phase through production. Let’s use high quality products with little or no failure rates. And, let’s work hard as a company to give you the best possible, best structurally sound, most energy efficient home available planned and engineered that way from the beginning. We believe in our moto; “The Home of Craftsmanship” stands for much more than a dressed up appearance, it also means a home that our home buyers will love and will stand the test of time!

So why can Hallmark-Southwest give you one of the best built homes in America, with the greatest number of standard features of any manufactured or modular home built in the West? It’s easy…. we planned it that way & haven’t changed our thinking since 1976!

PS: Hallmark Southwest’s 2015 service costs were only $26,867.